Honoring Ancestors


Nourishing Wellness & Healing Ancestral Wounds


At this pivotal time in human consciousness evolution, spurred on by the Corono Virus Novel epidemic, one of the the most important care we can contribute to is selfless service that helps to cleanse our ancestral memory and restore companionship with ancestors. Ancient Vedic wisdom tells us that during times of global despair and disease our ancestors get very close to us. Seize this chance to repair and heal the long-ignored rift we have had with the spirit world.

Maya Tiwari’s Honoring Ancestors’ work over the last three decades has helped countless numbers of souls to heal past traumas and ancestral wounds carried through family lines. Each one of us carries ancestral glories and wounds. Here is the awareness you will gain.

Ancestral memory patterns are deeply embedded within our vital cells.

  • These patterns continually re-enact habitual behavior and state of health.
  • Recognizing our connection to ancestors, we enact practices to honor them.
  • Honoring Ancestors resolve negative karmic and habitual conditioning.
  • In so doing, we control our response to negative actions and overtures.
  • We stop the transfer of ancestral trauma to future generations.
  • We open spirit to celestial guidance and divine grace from ancestors.


With Maya as your guide, you learn long-forgotten, timeless Vedic ancestral practices of mudra, mantra, nourishment and more to.........

  • Unload ancestral baggage
  • Nourish health
  • Heal ancestral wounds and negative habits
  • Gain awareness of your ancestral gifts
  • Dive deep into ancestral wisdom
  • Receive ancestral grace

Heal Mother Earth ~ Heal Self ~ Heal Each Other

Maya Tiwari tells us "Mother Earth is Hurting". She speaks to the importance of reclaiming our Mother ~ Mother Earth ~ so that we may heal the Earth, Self and all of Life.

Your Instructor

Maya Tiwari
Maya Tiwari

Maya Tiwari is a humanitarian, an Ayurveda pioneer and best-selling author working in the field for more than 35 years. She established the first Ayurvedic school in North America in 1981, the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda. Tiwari is also founder of the the Mother Om Mission (MOM), a charitable organization in at-risk communities in New York that transforms disease and despair into wellness and joy. She has personally helped thousands of women to heal from devastating disorders. Through her global humanitarian work at Living Ahimsa, participants are taught to spread practices that promote peace and create inner harmony. Maya is a regular Featured Speaker at the Parliament of the World Religions and other Inter-faith conferences worldwide. Tiwari is also the recipient of the Dhanvantari Award and AAPNA’s Rishi Award for her outstanding work in Ayurvedic medicine.

We hold in high esteem Mother Maya’s many years of spiritual guidance and service to humanity and are most honored by her presence to offer her wisdom and her vision for the future. We are deeply grateful for Mother Maya’s commitment to inter-religious understanding and for her work on peace and the upliftment of society.

Reverend Dirk Ficca
Executive Director,
The Council for Parliament of the World's Religions

“Mother Maya is prescient—wisdom for these times.”

Tiffany Mitchell,

Noetic Science institute

"Considered an embodiment of the Spiritual Mother,Maya (affectionately called “Mother”) is an extraordinary teacher who has transformed thousands of lives with her healing presence."

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


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Where can we find more on Maya Tiwari's work?
You may wish to listen to Maya's Podcast (Women's Power To Heal Mother Earth) on our current situation of the novel epidemic: Corona Virus~ Go to: ahimsa.buzzsprout.com Wise Earth School of Ayurveda at www.wiseearth.com Maya Tiwari at www.mayatiwari.com www.facebook.com/mayatiwari or, Simply "Google" "Maya Tiwari"

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